Sunday, November 7, 2010

And we're up and runnning!

First post! Just kidding! This truly is the first post on the Gamer Syndicate. I'll be sure to get as much done as possible for the site's kick off. I'll review some games that i have played and rate them on how well I enjoyed them. Gamer Syndicate, will be mostly run by me, as I start getting better at this, I might decide to add some people to help with the reviews and other things such as that. Depending on how well the Gamer Syndicate runs I might consider getting a forum up and running...note the word "CONSIDER". That is not a promise.

Anyways, about the Gamer Syndicate. This site is dedicated to getting YOU news about your favorite games. I will post almost weekly (maybe more often) about news in the gaming world. I will also have another page separate for reviews on games. I will be taking requests to review games as you will. They will not be posted immediately as I have limited funds and will not be able to get the games right away.

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